Last honest republican.

I’ve often said the last honest republican was Dwight Eisenhower. Let me put a finer point on that fact. Yes. It’s a fact, not an opinion. Starting with Johnson, because he was president when I was born, ending with Trump because he is the last president to complete a term. Here are the statistics. Democrats: […]

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It’s not socialism

It’s not actually socialism. How does giving them food, health care, or even emotional support satisfy the definition of socialism? To wit: the definition of socialism: “A Political and Economic Theory of Social Organization Which Advocates that the means of Production, Distribution, and exchange Should Be Owned or Regulated by the Community as a whole.” […]

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Capitalism Stole Your Fortune

While you were so worried that Socialism would take your freedoms, Capitalism stole your pension, took your savings, destroyed the climate, shipped your job oversees, robbed you of health care, dismantled the educational system, and shackled you with debt, leaving you only your racism, xenophobia, patriarchy and guns.

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TikTok ban?

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It appears the government will do something when they believe we’re being co-opted. They aren’t using the word “ban”, but a bill that just passed through its committee unanimously is now headed to the house. It’s expected to pass there and the senate, and then President Biden has […]

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