“Endowed by their Creator”

This statement in the Declaration of Independence is occasionally held up as an indication the founding fathers of the United States intended the country to be Christian. It’s important to point out the Declaration of Independence is simply a group letter to a man who believed he was anointed by god to be king. It […]

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Protests are genuine

Protests are generally from the heart. When people protest, the protestor has decided this is enough of an issue. They need to take time out of their lives and call attention to it. There is an injustice that only calling attention to it via a public forum can redress these grievances. This is precisely why […]

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Save Social Security

Unless you have another plan to support senior citizens and 23 million disabled Americans, we need to scrap the cap. It’s the fair thing to do… unless you are a greedy narcissist. Make the wealthy pay their fair share.

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Oregon Recording Laws

I’ve known this law in Oregon for a very long time. ORS 165.534 and 165.540 only require the consent of one party to the conversation to secretly record it. The 9th Circuit has stuck that law down as unconstitutional. It took a while, but this makes sense. We still don’t need consent to record any […]

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Lessons Learned from Our Classroom Censorship Win Against Florida’s Stop W.O.K.E. Act

My commentary on the article here. The purpose of the first amendment is exactly so government can not dictate what you are told is the truth. It is a restriction on government so that people can decide, without government interference. This does not mean one can pick and choose what the truth is. You can’t […]

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The Coming Civil War

We keep hearing about the Patriots who are ready to go to war to save the US. Make sure the liberals don ruin it. I’m not entirely sure what they mean. If by ruin it, they mean… Then I guess I’m guilty. It would be a wonderful thing to be in a country that provides […]

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