The right is projecting their fear of everything not approved by Fox News on the left.

If we check history… yeah, if we check history it’s always the pitchfork carrying, right-wing, conservative people who round up those they fear. The left just wants to live in peace with everyone. That is the reason for the fifth amendment. The founders decided we couldn’t be rounded up because someone didn’t like us. Like we did during WWII to Americans of Asian descent.

Now they are describing liberal Americans as evil and coming for them. Thats only happening to people that cause harm. Thats why The perpetrators of January 6, 2021 are NOT political prisoners. They are not patriots. They are criminals who don’t even realize they weren’t trying to right a wrong. If they had succeeded, they would have essentially nullified the constitution they claim to support. They don’t understand the constitution. I don’t think they want to understand it. It’s easier if someone else explains it to them.

The Star Trek episode, The Omega Glory is perfectly apropos. Go watch it for context.

Yes, that’s a simplification. I figure if they are employing tactics of toddlers, some of them must need it explained as we would to a toddler.

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