I have a hard time believing there to be actual evidence. I find it much more likely that Trump took funds from Putin, and now he is beholden to the other dictators of the world. You seem to like that idea. Are you a paid plant with ties to wealthy dictators or an idiot?

I say that because Hillary, Biden, Hunter, and Obama were investigated for many years. Not only were they investigated, but they were also investigated by people that wanted to find dirt on them. Hillary was deposed by Congress for 11 hours for Benghazi. If there was something to find, they would have found it, and they would have been prosecuted.

Every investigation has ended with the conclusion that nothing illegal occurred. As I said, that conclusion comes from people who want to see them behind bars.

If they couldn’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

Then, even though they found no evidence, they told you this was further evidence that something was wrong. They told you to believe them. Not your eyes or ears. Not the lack of evidence. They told you they knew something was wrong, and only they could right this wrong.

Further, the FBI is not an arbiter of guilt or innocence. The FBI investigates, and when they think they have a case, they turn that evidence over to the US Attorney, who decides if there is enough to charge.

Again, if there was a case, some Government attorney would have prosecuted.

After many years, with zero indictments, I conclude there is not enough evidence to bring charges. That means, under our system of jurisprudence, they are innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. That does not mean innocent, but it is the standard we have in this country.

The fact you can’t wrap your head around that concept is your failing. You believe the lies told to you by Republican politicians who only want your vote to remain in office and News pundits who only want your dollars for their sponsors. As Rupert Murdoch said a couple weeks ago, “It’s all about the green.”

That is not the case with our illustrious and notorious former President. His crimes are well-documented and lengthy. Before, during, and after attaining office, he has swindled, conned, lied, cheated, and stolen from nearly every money pot he comes in contact with.

His “Golf Trips” are money-making for him. Sure, he didn’t take a salary, but the figures I read said the government paid almost 200 years of Presidential salary to Trump Enterprises during those golf trips. He goes to his properties because it benefits him. That is a violation of the emoluments act. It is illegal for the president to make money from his activities as president. When the government pays Trump Enterprises, some of that money goes to the Trump household. He’s literally paying himself to golf.

There is no comparison. Hillary, Joe, Hunter, and Barak have been endlessly investigated with zero indictments or even reasons to continue investigating. Trump was investigated for a few years, and there have been indictments, guilty pleas, trials, and prison sentences, all for people that were employed by or otherwise very close to Trump. Then, Mueller’s statement, “If I could have exonerated the President, I would have.”

My hope is that somehow an accounting is done, and all of the millions he has taken from the US Taxpayers must be returned.

Hillary isn’t an angel. You can’t be in politics and be an angel. But Trump is a despicable human being who is ripping you off. You’re obviously happy to be ripped off.

What one must understand is, first, one is not guilty until they are found guilty. That can ONLY happen in a court of law. Second, when people that really want to find something about someone, and they can’t, there probably isn’t anything to find.

I am under no delusion the Democrats are in any way innocent, but they are not the party denying a president a choice of SCOTUS justice, removing bodily autonomy to 51% of our citizens, and creating subhuman classes of people for you to hate.

You can try to spin this any way you want. It won’t change the facts.

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