The economy is booming, we’re producing more petroleum than ever before, the border is not overrun, and I’m not embarrassed by the guy running the White House.

The republicans are voting against the legislation they’ve been asking for, for 20 years because it wouldn’t look good if it passes now.

The nation, since at least Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has always done better with a democrat in the White House. But keep listening to those who tell you who to be scared of.

I can sure as hell tell you that as prior military, we are not “suckers and losers” as Trump would have you believing. He said so.

I heard him say the other day how we weren’t in any war during his single, failure of a term. News flash, he failed to bring our troops in Afghanistan home. But the way the insurgents stormed that nation after we left, during Biden’s presidency, made it look as if the Afghanistan people were never going to be ready to defend themselves. He talked about it, but he just couldn’t get that ball across the goal line.

We were in the Cold War from 1945 to 1996 when the Soviet Union fell. Putin was part of the KGB. He hasn’t changed since then. Reagan told his boss to tear down that wall while he was dismantling your ability to be upwardly mobile.

I can’t figure out why he has a hard on for Vladimir Putin, but he is not our friend. Never has been, never will be.

Have you noticed it’s gotten a lot hard to become wealthy except when you start off wealthy? That’s by design. The Republicans don’t work for you. They work to make already rich people richer. But, you’ll turn on a little Hannity, he’ll fire up your anger at people who don’t look like you and there you are. Voting against your own best interests.

Good night.

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