Habitat for Humanity has a noble mission. House people and promote home ownership. Some are building multi-family housing now. 

How does that square with their mission to promote home ownership? Are we selling apartments now?

I know some places do that, but it’s uncommon in most of the nation.

We hear how we need to build more density. But this country is woefully lacking the infrastructure necessary for density. Density requires citizens don’t all own multi-ton personal transportation machines and rely more on public infrastructure for their daily needs. Not just token systems are mostly populated by those who can’t afford a car. We can see it working in most of Europe and Japan. 

If the goal is more density, housing is only one smallish part of the whole. 

Packing more people into an area really only works in a less car-centric society. Europe is much more densely packed than ours, and they already have international mass transit.

The US needs to get serious on a tremendous number of issues, quit suffering from “not invented here” syndrome, and join the rest of the world.

Relying on charity to provide public support for human services projects is the least effective, least efficient, and most expensive way to do so. This is why we have the largest economy on the planet at 20%, with 4% of the population. Then we have nearly 40 people die, EACH DAY, from hunger in the US.

I’m not expecting this to change. Why?

Because the rich in this nation have grown accustomed to the firehose of money our government has aimed at them. Instead of providing citizens with basic human needs that we helped write, we pour more money into already full bank accounts and just let more die.

Europe has cradled to grave healthcare for all. We spend 10 times as much on healthcare. The only reason the US doesn’t fail with regard to human rights against its own citizens is because of our law requiring care for anyone at the ER. But that is, again, the most expensive way, and it’s not publicly funded.

Yeah H4H does good work.

Why are we still allowing our government to rip us off?

It seems that every issue our government takes up ends up with one or more of just a few horrible options.

  • We can’t afford it, while at the exact same moment, we as a nation are paying more for a worse outcome. Healthcare, education, childcare, food, water, and shelter are all in this category.
  • We don’t “need” it. Our infrastructure has been on life support for decades. But who needs roads, water pipes, sewers, police, fire, ambulance, etc? I mean, society certainly existed before we had roads. What could go wrong?
  • Someone “objects” to it. Poor people need support. Get over yourself. I want my government to support citizens, not corporations and the wealthy. If there is a better way, let’s do it. “Better” means more efficient, more efficient, and less expensive. No, your religion doesn’t get to play a part. People are dying.

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