• Last honest republican.


    Last honest republican.

    I’ve often said the last honest republican was Dwight Eisenhower. Let me put a finer point on that fact. Yes. It’s a fact, not an opinion. Starting with Johnson, because he was president when I was born, ending with Trump because he is the last president to complete a term. Here are the statistics. Democrats:…

  • It’s not socialism


    It’s not socialism

    It’s not actually socialism. How does giving them food, health care, or even emotional support satisfy the definition of socialism? To wit: the definition of socialism: “A Political and Economic Theory of Social Organization Which Advocates that the means of Production, Distribution, and exchange Should Be Owned or Regulated by the Community as a whole.”…

  • Shatner and the “Overview Effect.”


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    Shatner and the “Overview Effect.”

    Original story from History.com Please go read the story on History.com. I believe I have experienced a much diminished level of this effect. The first time being the first time I saw, “The Blue Marble” or “Earthrise.” Both photos evoke very strong emotions in most people. I can’t imagine a mentally stable person not being…

  • This is a beautiful story of love


    This is a beautiful story of love

    Everyone deserves to have love in their life. Not the cliche, trumped up love we were taught. Macho men and dainty women. No, I’m talking about the kind, caring love where both people truly trust each other with everything. Where you can get up every morning and go to bed every night knowing you are…

  • Education, healthcare, etc., for all. Existence

    Education, healthcare, etc., for all. Existence

    All education, through doctorate, should be free to the end user. We all benefit from anyone else getting an education.

  • Foxconn Conning Racine, Wisconsin


    Foxconn Conning Racine, Wisconsin

    Foxconn and Donald Trump appear to have colluded to fleece the city and therefore the citizens of Racine, Wisconsin.

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    MTG Owned by Professor Snyder​

    MTG Owned by Professor Snyder Congress is discussing the United States’ support for Ukraine in the war against Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked and internationally illegal move. Most of the Russian forces were not equipped for an actual invasion. The Russian military had been ordered to the Ukrainian border under the pretense of…

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    It seems that MTG is her own worst nightmare.

    It seems to me this just might qualify as having more money than sense, but then you run out of money and you still have more money that sense. Way to go MTG! As Bug Bunny would say, “What a maroon. What an ignoranimus, an ultramaroon!”

  • ZWO AM5 Review | Complete and In-Depth


    ZWO AM5 Review | Complete and In-Depth

    The post introduces an extensive ZWO AM5 telescope mount review that the author found useful. It details the user’s experience over 8 months, discussing guiding performance and providing sample images relevant to astrophotography enthusiasts. The review is suggested as a comprehensive read on the product.