I hear in New York there is a fire sale going on.

It seems all of the business entities of Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Jeffery McConney, and all of the non-corporeal entities involved in the Trump organization must dissolve within 10 days.

Further all of the business licenses issued to any of the aforementioned are revoked.

This essentially means they can’t operate a business in the state of New York.

I think we now know why he went to Florida when his term was over. He knew when he was elected they were going to go through his financial records. He knew they would find this. He knew it was the end of his empire.

He counted on staying in office, overthrowing our constitution and our democracy, because dictators don’t get imprisoned.

I sincerely hope he gets a long enough sentence as to spend the rest of his life in a small cell. He can’t be in the general population. Too many convicts would jump at the chance to off a former president.

Even if that’s not true, the Secret Service would have to assume that to keep him alive.

You made your bed Mr. President, enjoy it.