The App Store’s world-class commerce and payments system provides a convenient and effective way to set equalized prices across international markets, adapt to foreign exchange rate or tax changes, and manage prices per storefront. Last month, we introduced major pricing upgrades, including enhanced global pricing, across all purchase types. Now more customer friendly, the new price points follow the most common conventions in each country or region, and are globally equalized to your selected base country or region using publicly available exchange rate information from financial data providers.

As a reminder, on May 9, 2023, pricing for existing apps and one-time in-app purchases will be updated across App Store storefronts using your current price in the United States as the basis — unless you’ve made relevant updates after March 8, 2023. You can update your base country or region at anytime using App Store Connect or the App Store Connect API. If you choose to do so, prices in your selected base country or region won’t be adjusted when prices are globally equalized on the App Store to account for foreign currency changes or new taxes. You can also choose to manually adjust prices on multiple storefronts of your choice instead of using the equalized price.

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