When you choose to read, or not, any particular article. You are censoring what you read.

If we don’t spread someone else’s message to others, is the same thing. The fact that Facebook would transmit to millions (at least) is immaterial.

It’s still a private entity and not subject to the restrictions placed on government by our constitution.

If we start placing those restrictions on private entities, eventually we have to listen to every opinion. That is one thing the first amendment does not require.

It requires that government not oppress speech. That whole, “Congress shall pass no law…” part is why the amendment is a restriction on government, not a permit for people.

No where does it say anyone has to listen.

In fact, the social contract assumes outrageous speech, such that they are speaking, would be quashed by the people, not the government. That the truth shall triumph.

If they want a platform for their hate, they can (and do) build their own.

No private entity is required to allow speech it disagrees with on its own “property”.

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