One can sit there all day with a tower of money. The capitalist must risk their money while the worker risks everything.

If the venture fails, the capitalist most likely has other funds, or they have places to turn to continue being a capitalist. I’ve worked with many. They tend to have multiple ventures going simultaneously because they aren’t using their labor. They have time to push the money around while raking it in.

The worker must take a risk on the business. They are trusting that payroll continues, that supply lines will be robust enough, and that their own body does not fail them.

If the business fails, the workers generally don’t have a large fund to maintain the things they have committed to. If the income dries up, how will they buy food or pay the mortgage?

As I said, the worker is taking more of a risk than the capitalist. The capitalist will lose some capital, but the worker is literally taking a chance with their entire existence.

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