Saw an ad today saying, “What if instead of morning coffee, we gave the money to St Jude?”

Instead, how about…

What if we gave everyone healthcare, regardless of ability to pay?

What if we didn’t hold people’s lives hostage because they got sick?

What if, like every advanced nation, we prioritize people instead of businesses?

What if businesses were a by product of people rather than people a by product of business?

What if the law did not prioritize profits over everything else?

What if your taxes paid for your needs instead of being a fire hose of money aimed at already rich people?

Capitalism is unjust.

Capitalism is unfair.

Capitalism is undemocratic.

Capitalism is immoral.

As long as we have capitalism, we will all be secondary to business.

Business is not a good way to run a country or take care of people.

Business should be taking care of itself and government should be ensuring people are supported as they need to be.

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