Conservative “Logic”

I find it so interesting that their fears of their own country are killing them. Between vaccines and what not, they seem scared of everything.

Prepping is expensive and most are already struggling just to feed themselves. Now they also think the vaccinated hoards of gay, liberal, atheist, satanic, Wiccan with stripes of animalism and space lasers are coming to destroy their world.

All while they’re screaming they have the right to overthrow the government because the Declaration of Independence says so and that’s gotta be part of the constitution from 1776, right?

Never mind the US Constitution wasn’t ratified until 1788. Even the original did not allow insurrection. No rich old white guys want to give up the power they gave themselves to poor white people, let alone anyone else.

Did we take a right at Albuquerque when were we’re supposed to go left?

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