I have never found an immigrant that didn’t want to help themselves fit in better.

No one arrives on the doorstep of America without knowing we generally speak English here. If they don’t know English, they set about learning.

Not a single one has ever suggested the residents of this nation learn their language and eschew English. That’s just absurd on its face.

It is true that many immigrant families take a generation to become fluent, but that’s more a function of biology than desire or ability. Our language centers are harder to teach after the age of about 12.

Typically, when a non English speaker arrives, they start learning what they need to survive and then some. Their children will typically be bilingual. They grandchildren will typically learn English natively.

This is all from several studies done around immigration and language.

You know what’s worse is when a citizens of a nation visit other nations on holiday or vacation and expect the people of that nation to learn their language. 

Pretty much the only people on the planet that do that are Americans. That makes us the assholes in this.

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