Project 2025

Google this. It’s a plan by the Republican Party to concentrate power in a single individual, the president.

Let me make sure I’m saying this correctly.

The Republican Party is complaining that Joe Biden has too much power, too much autonomy, while at the same time planning to create additional power in the White House, remove power at the state level, and reduce oversight through our system of checks and balances.

This, after SCOTUS overturned Roe V Wade with the Dobbs decision, handing the states more power and effectively removing bodily autonomy from 51% of the population.

What does the Republican Party stand for?

Seriously. On any given day, we get statements from the GOP that are contradictory and/or mutually exclusive.

For example, you can’t reduce the power of the president while simultaneously increasing that office’s power.

You can be pro individual rights while simultaneously stripping people of rights.

Supposedly, they want to “save” the United States from leftists.

The right can’t seem to maintain a coherent message.

The left wants equality for all.

The right has driven down America with each administration since Eisenhower.

The left has built up America during the same timeframe.

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