In years past, it seemed to me there was an uneasy truce between mainstream Christianity and the LGBTQIA+ community. Depending on location, one may run into anything from seemingly everyone at Pride events to hostility towards Pride. 

Then we had the Trump years, where the President of the United States gave voice to bigotry and hate. This seems to have given the Republicans an avenue they believe will keep them in the halls of power. I don’t know of any historical evidence of a group embracing bigoted fascism that allowed continued freedom of anyone except those in power, but that’s what they seem to be proclaiming for their believers. 

It’s always been my contention the only people with the ability to correct the course of the Christians in any way are other Christians. I can show all the reasoning and evidence in the world, but if theirs one thing a religious individual has, it’s faith. When your faith leaders tell you it’s right, nothing anyone else says will sway them. 

Now, some religious groups will be attending Pride events with the intention of bridging the divide created by the evangelical right. They’re calling it “Faith for Pride.” 

My hope is this is sincere, and the good people of America can show the evil we are witnessing the exit. There is no place in America for hate.

Commentary on this article from Oregon Public Broadcasting: Why you might notice more religious groups at Pride celebrations this year

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