The Coming Civil War

We keep hearing about the Patriots who are ready to go to war to save the US. Make sure the liberals don ruin it. I’m not entirely sure what they mean. If by ruin it, they mean…

  1. ensure everyone is treated equally
  2. that we provide for the general welfare with
    • universal healthcare
    • free education
    • guaranteed living wage with a full time job clocking in at 30 hours a week.

Then I guess I’m guilty. It would be a wonderful thing to be in a country that provides all those. As the nation with 25% of the world economy but only 5% of the population, you would think we’d eliminate poverty, or at least hunger. But no, the wealthy keep the poor hungry because their easier to control that way. To be clear, the poor in this country are a product of the wealthy.

As long as the wealthy can keep the poor watching anything be except them, they can keep them believing the wealthy are their friends. All while sucking all of us dry of what wealth we can collect.

But I digress. The right continues to put forward this notion they need to save the country from liberals, and they will have to take out our government to save the nation.


As soon as someone takes up arms against the US Military, our oath says we defend the constitution. All y’all have forgotten how B52s, drones, missiles, and Abrams tanks work.

Foreign or domestic, it makes no difference. A hostile force will be dealt with appropriately. Members of the US Military take an oath to defend the constitution. Not the nation, President, government or citizens. The constitution is the object of our protection.

I am a veteran and my oath does not have an expiration date.

Insurrection is insurrection. Conspiracy to commit insurrection is just as bad.

Don’t be on the wrong side of history. We already fought three wars about fascism. That’s what the right is proposing at all the turns they’ve made.

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