It floors me when any religious person who belongs to a church that professes love for all, feed the poor, don’t treat the lepers badly because that’s me, can call themselves conservative. How do they not see the hypocrisy staring them in the face is beyond me. I figured out before I graduated from high school they were brainwashing people. That goes for almost every organized religion, but the abrahamic religions are the worst. I mean, they all worship the same god, but a Christian says Allah is not God. They fought a war over this. In the real world Allah is God in Arabia. Have fun with numbers and money if you reject Arabic, our numbers, 1, 2, etc are an invention of the Arabs and adopted by the European cultures. 

Since Kings no longer need the church with its existential threat to our souls if we sin, it seems every religion should be calling for more social safety nets. If for no other reason than that would reduce pressure on their own outreach budgets. If we seriously implemented a comprehensive safety net that prevents homelessness, hunger, providing healthcare, education, childcare, pension, and work/life balance for all, we would likely see a productivity increase, a profit increase and a general population satisfaction increase. This has already happened in many other countries around the world. 

But churches have gotten very good at indoctrination and grooming while telling the groomed the liberals are the boogie man. My goodness, Jesus was the most liberal human being on the planet. Don’t argue with me, argue with your Bible. It says to take care of the least, welcome strangers and love everyone. Jesus was everything we liberals want. What we don’t want is your hatred and bigotry against those you’ve been told are your enemy. With the tiniest of research, you could prove to yourself this is true. But you have a leader. No leader has ever guided his flock with falsehoods. Keep telling yourself that. 

You all need to use that grey matter between their ears. God gave you that to think, not to blindly follow. 

Look at it this way, if what you’ve been told will stand up to scrutiny, then you have nothing to lose. If it won’t stand up, then you have everything to gain.

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