The obvious solution is civil war to rid the country of those they believe are trying to kill them. This, in turn, has made them become the very evil they believe the left to be.

Republican leadership, using Fox News as a mouthpiece has firmly established the cult of fear in their disciples. They are terrified they are going to be rounded up, in some sort of reverse Handmaids Tale dystopia.

News flash. The rounding up has always been done by the right. The left wants to live with everyone in peace.

I’ve never stopped working with my neighbors.

In this context, neighbor is most anyone I interact with. They may be living next door, or they may be in Sydney, Australia.

The issue I see preventing this is mostly Republican leadership feeding the cult of fear Fox News promulgated for years. They’ve convinced their flock, much like a dark ages monk, that everyone they do not know is a mortal danger. This last push has them believing other Americans are out to get them. That WE are coming for them. That’s when their savior stepped in and proclaimed he was the only one who could make them feel safe again.

Yeah, America is the greatest, except for all the other countries.

Love everyone. We’re all in this together.

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