The Travesty of America’s Healthcare System: A Call for Medicaid for All

It’s a travesty when the United States spends from four to ten times as much on healthcare and still, American families lose every penny they have and have to file bankruptcy.

All of that, and it’s likely, the reason they lost everything has died.

Meaning our healthcare system sucked every cent of wealth from an entire family, that family now has nothing of value, and a loved one died.

This is what many in America call compassion.

Anything less than Medicaid for all will turn into another scheme to enrich the already wealthy and arguably kill more poor people.

Health insurance is simply a wealth transfer system. From my pocket to the insurance company, and finally, through the stocks to the wealthy. The insurance company is required to prioritize the shareholders’ return above all else. Above patients care.

This country continues to prove only the wealthy deserve to live. We shit on everyone else. We find the most expensive, least efficient way to do anything the government does. Then we stick a for-profit company or companies on for added wealth redistribution to the wealthy.

All of that conservative talk about liberal wealth redistribution is a projection. They’ve been practicing this exact form of wealth redistribution since 1980 when Reagan started supply-side economics. The first of many tax cuts for the wealthy.

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