Trickle Down Never Works

We knew it before Ronald Reagan fired up the whole country in the 1980s. Our parents and grandparents knew it because that’s what helped cause the Great Depression.

But we’ve been living with the fallout from the decision of our government to give rich people tax breaks and assume the rich will be nice enough to share with the unwashed masses. In this context, the “unwashed masses” are everyone not getting those permanent tax breaks. That’s you and I if you are an average American.

So we have stagnated wages, rising cost of living and supporters of these policies screaming “get a different job” at those who are no longer able to live month to month.

Meanwhile, people at the lower end of the wage spectrum are losing their homes, going hungry, and working two or three jobs just to pay some of their bills. They have no money to pay for childcare or school supplies.

For the past few decades, government has given businesses handouts

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