The conservatives don’t care.

Rank-and-file conservatives in America trust unfettered capitalism so completely that they can watch as their own standard of living is falling while simultaneously arguing the wealthy need more money.

When Reagan brought forth supply-side economics, also called trickle-down or Reaganomics, in 1981, it could be called an experiment. America was experimenting with a theory. 

By 1984, the writing was on the wall. The middle class and lower were not better off. The wealthy were reaping rewards that hadn’t been seen since the 1890s. There is a single difference between laissez-faire in the 1890s and the trickle-down in the 1990s. 

In the 1890s, there were no social programs. No assistance to get someone through hard times. So when the wealthy closed a factory, the workers starved. If they were lucky, there might be another employer able to hire some. No unemployment, food stamps, minimum wage, or worker’s compensation. So when the balance between the wealthy and everyone else tipped toward the wealthy, it was immediately noticed. 

By the 1980s, we had some safety nets to catch people. But this didn’t stop the gradual shift in where the wealth in our economy goes. It only slowed the decline. 

What we saw in the 1890s was the wealthy taking from the rest and getting their hands slapped when they reached for the cookie once too often. 

In the 1980s and beyond, we have the wealthy with both hands in the cookie jar and the government placating the citizens. 

Now we’ve been in this cycle for 40+ years. We need a citizen uprising in this nation, but not against the government. At this point, it looks like our “representatives” in Congress only create programs that will create revenue streams for the wealthy. When those streams are from tax dollars, that’s a firehose of our money. The money ends up in bank accounts. It never has and apparently never will trickle down. 

Prior to this major shift in our government, tax rates were much higher. However, no one paid the highest rates because of many deductions. These deductions meant the business that invested in better equipment, higher wages, and many other reinvestment options reduced the tax burden. Essentially, what Reagan did was reduce the tax rate without removing the deductions. No longer does the tax system reward business owners for treating employees well. What we had was trickle-down. What we have now is, “Keep what you can and screw everyone else”. 

Our enemy is not entirely our government, and it’s not each other. Our common enemy is the absurdly wealthy. Our government has a big part in enabling the wealthy, but they need to be redirected.

Let me give this guy with five houses my house. Then I should have two next year, right?

Oh, I have to pay for all the houses?

Ok. I’m good with that.

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