Why People Turn to Crime: The Flaws in the Justice System and Impact of Social Conditions

Why do people turn to crime?

Thanks for bringing up the very most expensive, and least effective of punishments.

Sure, you stopped that one person, if they were guilty, maybe they deserved it. Probably not. Our courts make thousands of mistakes a year, that we know of. Every acquittal, every overturned decision, every appeal that overturns a conviction is a mistake being righted. Many more are never properly adjudicated.

Who is helped by the existence of sparky?

I’m going to cut this short because no one benefits. The only thing that benefits are those people who relish in the suffering of other human beings. They justify it by blaming it on the criminal. They say, “They’re getting what they deserve.”

But that is not what a correctional facility is supposed to be.

The purpose of the judicial system is to rehabilitate and prepare the residents for re-entry into society.

But what causes people to become criminals? I think if we knew that, we could reduce crime.

But, we do know. We’ve know for decades, maybe centuries. The lords of England knew it too.

Keep the workers happy enough, and they won’t steal from each other. When they’re getting along, they don’t bother the higher ups.

But today’s nobility aren’t keeping the workers happy.

So more people turn to crime. Because, why honor society when society has shit on you?

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