Because we do not have equality of opportunity for all, let alone equality of outcome.

Because, when I’m out in the real world, I see racism every day, even in lily white Oregon.

Because Oregon did not make it legal to be in the state of Oregon as a black person until 1926.

Because the statues of Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis were erected in the mid 20th century to keep the “coloreds” in their place.

Because the real estate industry still has the “red line”. They do not show certain houses in certain neighborhoods to people of color.

Because we still racially profile people.

Because our justice department will sentence a black person to 25 years and a white person to five for the exact same crime.

Because a black person is twice as likely to be stopped by a cop as a white, even though whites typically drive more.

Because it’s more than twice as likely a black person will be killed by a cop during any police interaction, armed or not.

Because nearly everyone knows the name George Floyd as the black man that a Minneapolis police officer killed by putting his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck, suffocating him. But few remember the name of the office… Do you? It is Derek Chauvin.

The whole country has much to atone for.

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