Challenging Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Understanding of Communism and the Law

Marjorie Taylor Greene has said we are a “communist country” due to the indictment of Donald Trump. One story about this is here

The first question I have for MTG is, “What is communism?” After all, we have to agree on our definitions to have any meaningful conversation. If words are not defined the same between speakers, we find conversations that make no sense. 

To use a dictionary, communism is defined by Oxford as;

A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

The second question I have is who, pray tell, is advocating for class war in this country? 

  • – The people protesting being killed by police at the highest rate of anyone else in the country? 
  • The children being killed by random white men and having to endure active shooter drills? I remember fire drills, but schools were mostly a safe place to be when I was a kid.
  • The women who are no longer in control of their own bodies with regard to their own health?
  • The politicians feeding their constituents misinformation about immigrants, medicine, and crime? Red states have more crime, worse health issues, cost more money. Florida has produce rotting in the fields because the draconian immigration laws that state has passed. I’m glad I grow my own and live as far as I can from Florida.

Every one of those issues is caused by people on the right trying to maintain white, male supremacy. 

Every. Single. One. 

Your party has tried, time and again, to bring charges to a democrat. You’ve claimed we would be as mad as you are if charges were brought against Hillary, Bill, Joe, or a host of other democrats. What you keep conveniently leaving out is that we do not define our existence around any politician. You, on the other hand, do. Trump is your life, your existence, and your guiding principals. Trump says he, “grabs em by the pussy.” and you adopt that. I won’t if you would let him, because he also says he could, because he’s famous.

You’re both infamous, that’s for sure. 

I would guess you, Marjorie Taylor Greene, are incapable of having a factual debate. If you had to back up your rhetoric with actual facts, you couldn’t do it. I’m basing this statement on what I have seen of your behavior. You literally appear to be as knowledgable as a bag of hammers on the Titanic. 

Third, you claim this is the Biden Administration prosecuting a “political rival”. 

Wait, What? 

That is not how felony indictments work. 

To be indicted for a felony in this nation, the prosecutor has to lay out the evidence before a Grand Jury and ask them if the subject should be accused (indicted) of the crime. The Grand Jury is who issues the indictment. It’s not the Biden Administration who indicted former President Trump. It was the people of Florida who sat on that Grand Jury. 

You do not know how to discern fact from fiction. You don’t know the law or how it functions. 

How do you expect to have a conversation, let alone debate, in our complicated diverse world?

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