My commentary on the article here.

The purpose of the first amendment is exactly so government can not dictate what you are told is the truth. It is a restriction on government so that people can decide, without government interference.

This does not mean one can pick and choose what the truth is. You can’t choose that oranges are blue. Or that gravity is not a thing. Or the earth is flat.

These things, the color of an orange, gravity and the shape of our planet, have demonstrable evidence.

When people choose to believe falsehoods, they choose to live with fantasy. I’ve heard things like, “trans people have only existed for 20 years” or some such.

Nonsense. There are records from ancient times concerning sexuality of all the colors of the rainbow. Ancient Greek, Rome, native peoples around the world, all have record of sexual, asexual, and intersexual humans. Other species also have these same characteristics.

Stop trying to make the world what you think it is. Start enjoying the diversity of life we have. When you deny the existence of things that have been for millions of years, you are hurting yourself and putting people you live in danger.

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