Link to The Late Show from TikTok.

The link above is almost unbelievable. The GOP, the one that at one time, nor so long ago called itself the party of Law and Orders has just opened an investigation into a man while simultaneously admitting there is no evidence of any crimes.

Sounds like a fishing expedition to me.

I think the whole lot of them needs a good ass kicking and enforce d education on how our government works.


When a new member is elected, they must take a procedural test to prove they understand how government works. If they fail the test they must study the syllabus to bring their test scores up. Failure to do so would result in being expelled from Congress.

The GOP is acting like a gigantic infantile three year old, and the call liberals snowflake. They have that whole concept backwards.

The snowflake is the person who can’t accept the world changing. The snowflake demands everything stay the same because, history. The snowflake attacks because they can’t understand kindness. They believe the power of might makes right.

The only winner when bullies are involved are those who see through it and don’t knuckle under to those bullies.

It’s not hard to recognize and since they have no facts, they’re already disarmed. They just can’t comprehend being completely unprepared for the fight they are starting.

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