People voting inside a gymnasium. Basketball hoops are visible near the rear wall.
In Ohio, where Republicans hold the governor’s mansion, legislature and other statewide offices, enshrining abortion rights passed on Tuesday by double digits. Credit – Maddie McGarvey for The New York Times

A coalition of groups collecting petition signatures for a ballot protecting abortion rights says its fund-raising got a boost after the Ohio results.

I would bet good money that DeSantis has one or more on his team working on ways to disqualify any petitions he does not agree with. The fight between liberal freedom, where all are equal, and conservative freedom, where those in power are feee and control those not in power, is getting more personal.

The control the conservatives are enacting are more widespread. This is causing more spillover where more of the people supporting their actions are being negatively impacted. As this continues it is reducing support. Rightfully so.

This is behind a paywall, so it’s more difficult to get to. Full story here.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, campaigns to protect abortion rights have galvanized voters in state after state. It has become Democrats’ most successful issue ahead of an uncertain 2024 election cycle — and their biggest hope, especially after voters in Ohio approved on Tuesday a measure to enshrine abortion rights in the State Constitution.

That triumphant streak has propelled campaigns for similar abortion measures in swing, or potentially swing, states, including Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania. But none might be as tantalizing a prize as Florida, which has moved increasingly out of Democrats’ grasp in electoral contests. Read More

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