Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism


Are you a supporter of unfettered capitalism? Do you believe that social programs, or socialism as you call it, is the root of America’s problems?

But what you are asking for will lead to the downfall of any country. The United States is not special.

Here’s the kicker.

If we quit using the military as a mechanism to transfer our tax money to the greater than 1% and reduce that budget to a reasonable level, we could fix the social issues we have, pay for cradle-to-grave healthcare, and lower taxes.

The next three statements are true.

  • Unfettered capitalism leads to oligarchy.
  • Unfettered socialism leads to oligarchy.
  • Unfettered communism leads to oligarchy.

We are essentially an oligarchy now. Corporations control the government. Think about it. Except for very inexpensive programs that help the very bottom of our society, congress has not passed a program that does not create a revenue stream for the wealthy. Our government is working to enrich the already wealthy.

Giving money to the already rich has never increased anyone’s standard of living. Trickle-down or Supply Side Economics increases our speed towards oligarchy.

Russia is already an oligarchy

As our parents knew and started to implement, the answer is a capitalist system with regulations to protect the people at the bottom of the pile.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The more the right pushes and won’t compromise on nearly any subject, the more young people are going to push for full-on socialism. That is exactly what happened that caused the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. That was the birth of the USSR.

Continuing on this path of no compromise will cause our country to fail. If you won’t even discuss options, including options you don’t like, you are pushing us closer to failure.

To be clear, failure means the Constitution will no longer be in force. No amendments at all.

Interesting. We thought they were behind us. Turns out they were over 100 years ahead of us. Society-wise.

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