Back in the late 70s, early 80s timeframe, I recall a short lived television show where celebrities would challenge each other to a fight in a wrestling match. Didn’t watch. Then it devolved into a claymation show called Celebrity Deathmatch.

Now we have this. Donald Trump calling for WAR against a pop star because she’s calling for kindness. Oh, and she has a bigger fan base. Oh, she also has a bigger bank account and a more sustainable income.

Literally the stream won’t stop until her music stops selling. She doesn’t have to work another day. It’ll slow down, but the stream is already going.

The difference is Swifty’s may love Taylor, but they aren’t worshipping he as their savior. If anything, Taylor promotes love for all (except ex boyfriends🤣) and don’t be cruel.

The crowd around Trump has stated, and he’s amplified, they believe being kind is going to destroy the nation. So much so, they call themselves patriots while carrying out domestic terrorism. They can’t see the hypocrisy of what they do. It literally is, “if I can’t have it the way I want it, nobody gets it.”

And the work every day to make it come true.

None of Taylor’s fans are doing anything more than any previous generation of fans of pop stars. Think The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. That’s one of the first examples that got widespread attention. Conservatives in the 1950’s thought we were doomed then.

Chicken little was a conservative.


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