I really wish a great many Americans would realize the freedom to speak requires that when one speaks falsely, it is the duty of other Americans to correct them.

The whole point of the first amendment is to prevent the government from dictating what truth is.

It’s right there in the first five words.

Congress shall make no law…

This does not give an American anything. It protects all from the government so the government cannot dictate the truth. our founders were very familiar with nobility and their proclivity to make sure history was kind to the wealthy. The benevolent king instead of a tyrant.

You do have the right to say anything you want. You can say drinking water will kill you. While that is true when you drink enough to cause water intoxication, it’s not true the vast majority of the time.

Say what you want, but if what you are saying is illegal and it appears you intend to take action based on those words, you can be charged with and convicted of one or more crimes.

If your words are factually incorrect, you should expect others to correct you. I fact check my own stuff all the time. Do I miss things? You bet. Whenever a reader corrects me I fact check it again. If I’m wrong, I admit.

That’s what adults do because no human being knows everything.

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