In response to: The Meat Paradox: How Your Brain Wrestles With The Ethics Of Eating Animals

There is no wrestling. We, Homo sapiens sapiens, have both crushing and tearing teeth. We are designed to eat pretty much anything that’s not harmful to us.

The fact we produce meat through factory farming is more a statement of our ethics than what we eat. By that, I mean there are ethical ways to factory farm.

There is evidence porcine are as intelligent as humans. There is also evidence to suggest plants communicate through the vast network in the ground as well.

We are part of the cycle, no matter how much we distance ourselves from the process.

All that being said, what you choose to eat, or not, is your decision. While I personally believe what you eat is more a decision of finances and location, if you are happy with your decision, go for it.

Just don’t force your decision on others.

After all, the definition of freedom is being able to do as you please, up to but not including harming others.

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