Why Older People Should Not Represent In DC.

Mitch McConnell freezes at Press Conference.

I’ve said before the Boomers should get out of the way of generations coming up. They are now a minority of people in the United States. As much as they would like to believe they, and only they, have a lock on how to pull the levers of our nation, they must step aside, or they risk further damage.

Besides the simple fact that generation after generation has assumed the role, with the former exiting as they did so, there is also the reality that as people age, they lose the ability to lead a nation. Each generation is ENTITLED to assume the reigns of leadership. Generation X has not yet had a President or even a candidate for the Presidential General Election. The first time Generation X would have been eligible would have been in the year 2000. There are eligible people in that group now turning 59.

Full disclosure; I AM a Boomer. Just barely, but I was born during the 1946 through 1963 timeframe. I also identify as a partial GenX. I have many traits that mark me as that as well. I believe this gives me some perspective from both.

I posted this video because it is indicative of age or injury-related mental decline. At best, Mitch lost his train of thought. At worst, he had some form of brain injury occurrence. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not diagnosing from afar. However, it appears noteworthy because he blanked for over a handful of seconds.

To be clear, I believe no one over the age of 60 should be serving in any position of authority in our government, be that Congress, President, SCOTUS, or any branch of the Military. I would propose the same limits for state governments, but that is a matter for each state to decide. This includes both former President Trump and President Biden.

The founders designed the system to encourage people young enough to be in their prime but old enough to have lived their lives to a point of some stability. Electing a 35-year-old over a 60, 70, or 80-year-old should be a no-brainer. But that’s not possible when the previous generation doesn’t get out of the way.

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